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Star Frappe: Frappe & Coffee Shakes Franchise- What is more appealing to this fascinating drink is that it can be altered to change into another form without taking away its original taste. And frappe is one form that easily smacked everyone’s palate in an instant. Just like that.

To simply describe it, a frappe is just coffee on ice. Specifically, it is blended, shaken or beaten to create a refreshing caffeinated cold drink. Sometimes a whipped cream & other toppings are added to make it tastier. Together with good friends around & animating stories to share, this will make the coffee experience more fun & exciting too.

There is a fruitful way in just making & drinking coffee. This thirst-quencher can also be a worthwhile investment especially if you have labeled yourself as a certified coffee enthusiast. Aside from concocting this beverage within your reach, coffee is currently the most popular lingo among people of all ages. Ironically speaking, even teenies is a growing market itself specific to coffee frappes & shakes. How interesting could that be? Indeed times have changed. Coffee is now for everybody, young & old.

The word frappé is French & comes from the verb frapper which means to ‘hit’; in this context, however, in French, when describing a drink, the word frappé means chilled, as with ice cubes in a shaker.

Moreover, if you want an easy way to make this cold drink available to the community instantly, franchising our Star Frappe Snack bar & cafe is the ideal way to start it. It is less the hassle & stress than by crafting everything from scratch.

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Star Frappe’ Products:
Milk Tea (Winter melon milk tea, Swiss Mocha milk tea, Taro milk tea & Chocolate milk tea) with black pearl

Frappe’ Shake & Shakes with Pearl (Cappuccino Shake Caramel Macchiato Shake Mocha Shake Chocolate Hot Fudge Shake Double Dutch Shake Premium Choco Kisses Shake Premium Coffee Crumble Shake Premium Rocky Road Shake Ube Macapuno Shake Leche Flan Shake Buko Shake Premium Black Forest Shake Melon Shake Buko Pandan Shake Cookies & Cream Shake Mango Carabao Shake Strawberry Shake Vanilla Shake) with frappe whipped cream on top.

Flavored Hot/Cold Coffee (3 in 1 Coffee, Brown Coffee, Milk Tea Coffee, White Coffee, Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato Coffee, Swiss Mocha Coffee, Chocolate Coffee)



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