Ice Cream Deluxe

Ice cream is one of the favorite comfort food for many. It is a made with sweetened frozen dairy products (milk and cream) and often eaten as dessert or snacks. This can be served and enjoyed in dishes, for eating with a spoon, or in cones.
Ice Cream Deluxe is a food cart concept serving smooth ice cream in cones, in cups, including ice cream floats.
For a starting fee of 249,000 you can now start your own Ice Cream Food Cart though Ice Cream Deluxe!

Ice Cream Deluxe



  • Use Trade Name & Logo
  • 1 High-End kiosk Cart w/ side table for Ice Cream Machine
  • (H 7ft. W 5ft. SW 2.5ft)
  • Complete Equipment
    • Heavy duty Ice Cream Machine
    • Stainless Bowl
    • Strainer and Syrup dispenser
  • 2 Sets of UNIFORM
    • Apron, Visor, Hairnet & T-shirt
  • INITIAL PRODUCTS Worth 3,000
  • Business Orientation and Kit
    • Franchise Seminar
    • Crew Hands-on Training
    • Inventory Kit
    • Concepts Manual
  • Notarized franchise Aggrement
  • After Sales Report


Contact Information

Mr. Edison Gomez: please email me at