How to Become a Nike Inc. Retailer in the Philippines

One of the most common hobbies of people is collecting, may it be action figures, clothes, novelties, and even shoes.

Shoes, especially, is a popular item among people of all ages. Aside from the fact that these are needed for everyday use, they are also shopped frequently because they help an individual build their identity. One of the most, if not the first, top-selling shoe companies is Nike, Inc.

Today, we are going to talk about the much-known company and how to apply for a franchise. 

About Nike, Inc.

Nike, Inc. is a sportswear company that was founded in Oregon by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964. Bowerman was a track-and-field coach while Knight was his student back in the days.

Originally, it was named as Blue Ribbon Sports. This was when they were first starting. In 1972, they officially introduced the Nike brand when they released a shoe in the same year. In the first year of their business, they sold a total of $8,000.

Their mission focuses on creating a diverse environment for sports and the people playing it. they aim to continuously innovate their products and still keeping it sustainable.

In the present, they are one of the most famous sportswear companies with annual sales amounting to $24.2 billion in total.

Moving on to the next section, we will discuss how Nike shares their company values through franchising. 

How to Become a Nike Retailer?

Nike advised that before proceeding with any of the following steps to first contact you’re your Local Nike (Nike PH) to guide for more detailed instructions on the procedures.

  1. Set-Up A user Nike user account online. Fill-out all information as they may affect your application.
  2. Log-in through the Nike ERA (Electronic Retailer Application) page
  3. Follow the guidelines that will be provided.
  4. Upon submission, the application will undergo a review process which can take up to 60 days.

Contact Details 

Main Office Address: Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila



Nike Era Application:

Phone Number:

  • PLDT: 1800-16516453
  • Globe: 1800-86516453

Alternatively, you can email the company through their contact form found on their official website or interact with them using their Live Chat, to help you receive prompt answers to your questions.

Is Retailership With Nike Worth it?

Nike is one of the most well-known brands both in the Philippines and around the world. The fame and trust Nike has under its name, without a doubt can easily garner sales for you.

However, do take into consideration the current situation of the world, affected by the pandemic. Going out and dressing up are neither the priorities of the moment. Which meant that your possible customers are lower.

Considering the reputation and the recent increase of interest to casual wear, Nike is without a doubt a company and a brand that is worth investing in. But as mentioned earlier, taking into account the current demand, your investment with Nike is an idea you might want to put on hold for now, or at least until flaunting OOTD’s outside without restriction is possible again.



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