How to Start a Pepper Lunch Franchise

Filipinos are known for welcoming foreigners warmly, and that warmth of accepting foreigners also transcends towards our respect and interest to their culture. It’s this curiosity that paved way for the Philippines to become a melting pot of foreign flavors, and one of them is Japanese cuisine.

Pepper Lunch, in particular, had been one of the longest-serving restaurants in the Philippines who’ve been providing Filipinos with their much needed authentic Japanese style meals.

Fortunately, for those who are interested Pepper Lunch is open for franchising opportunities for those who are interested and what it takes to become a part of the globally growing Pepper Lunch franchise.

About Pepper Lunch Franchise

Kunio Ichinose started the journey of creating his company back in 1970, but it was only in 1994 when his vision of providing a taste steak in a fast-food style was realized. As the restaurant gathered more fame and customers in Japan. It’s a chain of restaurant franchises grew and eventually, the Japanese restaurant spread its brand outside of Japan, and one of the countries the company shared the delicious bowl of the fast-steak meal is the Philippines.

Pepper Lunch today in the Philippines gives Filipinos the authentic Japanese taste while having the opportunity to partner with a well-established franchise restaurant for those who also want to spread the deliciousness of Pepper Lunch’s fast-steak recipe.

How to Franchise Pepper Lunch?

Bring the goodness of the famous fast-steak food of Pepper Lunch close to your community through franchising.

Interested applicants for the Pepper Lunch franchise, can send their contact information and letter of intent through to send your interest to franchise Pepper Lunch.

Wait for a franchising representative of the company to come in contact with you to provide you with more details of the franchise, its fees, and their payment procedures.

Required documents and target site location will also be discussed by the franchising agent of Pepper lunch.

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Advantages of Franchising Pepper Lunch in the Philippines

  • Pepper Lunch is a well-established restaurant in the Philippines. It’s a long history of thriving in the market also meant that Pepper Lunch has a great base of customers you can benefit from.
  • Operate and manage your restaurant under the tried and tested system developed by Pepper Lunch.
  • Receive training programs to be equipped on operating and managing your Pepper Lunch business.
  • Receive continuous support from the Pepper Lunch business.
  • Pinoy’s love for food makes Pepper Lunch, a Japanese restaurant such an ideal business investment in the Philippine market.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Pepper Lunch

  • According to the existing Pepper Lunch stores nationwide, the brand particularly aims to establish its outlets across malls in the Philippines. With this information, it’s important to consider that your chosen prospect location/s are within Pepper Lunch’s target areas.
  • Have the capacity to operate your store as its owner while adhering to the standard and policies of Pepper Lunch.
  • It’s ideal to have background knowledge and experience with handling business and managing people to ensure you can operate your Pepper Lunch store more efficiently and effectively.
  • With preferred location around malls, this meant that you will always have a monthly rent that you need to settle to operate your business on the mall, which adds up to your store maintenance fee.


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