How to Start a Kumon Franchise

Education is one of the necessities of an individual’s life. As important as it is, it is undeniable that it is also one of the most overlooked. This is why a lot of educational platforms aim to build a platform, especially for learning.

One of the most known platforms is called Kumon. This is also the subject of our article for today. We will talk all about the company and how they give a chance to entrepreneurs to franchise their business.

About Kumon Franchise

Kumon is an environment that provides children with educational needs. It was founded by Toru Kumon in 1958. The motivation behind this is the desire of a father, the founder, in this case, to help his child learn by himself.

It can be seen similar to a learning center; however, the company does not identify themselves like that.

This is for the reason that they focus more on enhancing a student’s ability to self-teach. Specifically, the subjects that they major in are English and Mathematics.

The platform is famous for its Kumon Method, a strategy that is designed to enable a child to learn at his/her own pace instead of having to keep up with.

Another factor that makes Kumon different is that it wants to achieve two-way learning, meaning both the instructors and the students learn from each other. 

Kumon Franchise Details

If you are interested in franchising Kumon, you have to take note of the following details:

Franchise fee: PHP 60,480

Estimated Investment: PHP 600,000-800,000 


  • Instructor Training Fee
  • Learning Materials
  • Construction
  • Monthly Seminars
  • Marketing Cost

There are also quite a few requirements that you have to fulfill before you can be eligible as a franchisee. Specifically, you have to be a Kumon Instructor. Here are the things you need to possess:

  • Be a Filipino citizen
  • Be a college graduate
  • Good with children
  • Committed to teaching

In addition, you also have to attend the Franchise Orientation Program before applying.

If you have more questions regarding the process, it is recommended that you reach out to them directly.

Kumon Franchise Contact Details:


Main Office Address: 19th Floor, Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines



Phone Number: +(63)-2-885-0226

Alternatively, you can navigate to their official website and fill up a contact form to send an inquiry. 

The Pros and Cons of Franchising Kumon

Before franchising Kumon, you should have an insight on what and what not to expect by knowing the pros and cons of the business.


  • Kumon will be a good business because unlike other centers, this is a long-term commitment. This means that there is a high chance that you will get your ROI quicker than franchising business with one-time sessions.
  • The start-up cost for franchising Kumon is low.
  • The company provides your franchise with aftercare and support by conducting seminars and training.


  • You have to experiment with different business models in order to land on a technique that will work best for your branch. This may take a lot of time especially if you are just starting out.
  • There is a lengthy process of application.

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